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A Viewpoint Worth Sharing


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https://anysubj.com/p/A-Viewpoint-Worth ... ref=315270

(below is only the text of the article, comments in the above link)
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A Viewpoint Worth Sharing

I didn write the following though I am in absolute agreement with it. "There are currently 7,789,794,825 people on the planet Earth. There are currently 330,833,287 people in the the United States of America. Some of these people are bad people. Most are good, but some are bad. There will always be bad people. Some of them are thieves, liars, rapists, and murderers. This will never stop. Some are White. Some are Black. Some are Brown. Some are Yellow. The amount of melanin in someones genetic makeup is not the issue. It is an individuals behaviors and choices that determine their place in life. It's a hard fact of life that everyone will die. You will die. I will die. Some people will die in fiery automobile crashes caused by drunk drivers. Some will die from disease. Some people will slip and fall from a hiking trail and plunge 300 feet to some jagged rocks below. And yes, some people will be murdered. Furthermore, some people will be murdered by a cop. In the USA today there is roughly 800,000 sworn police officers, some of them will make mistakes. Some of their mistakes will cost innocent people their lives. You can not change that. You can not stop people from making mistakes. If you are out there saying all cops are bad, ask yourself this; is it okay to say, all blacks are criminals? You say racial stereotyping/profiling is wrong, but think stereotyping/profiling police is okay? No amount of money, education, activism/slacktivism, posturing, pandering, or virtue signaling will change the fact that some people are just bad people. Defund the police? That is ridiculous and you know it. I know there are some people that feel they are harassed by the police because they get pulled over and questioned because they “fit a description”. I understand how frustrating is, but why are you blaming the cops? It's not their fault you look like someone that committed a crime. Have you considered blaming the criminals for going out there and doing crimes while looking like you do? If they didn't do the crime then you couldn't fit the description of a criminal. Solving this problem starts with you helping your community, simply blaming the cops is not helping. A product of their environment? I come from a lower middle class family. We were poor. I am no longer poor, neither am I rich, but I am comfortable and happy. My little brother is a homeless drug addict. We both made choices. I chose to be a productive member of society, he chose drugs. Stop blaming everyone else for your problems. It is up to you to be a success. If you just want to hang out with your friends all day, do drugs, do crimes, then you will be a failure, and you will have no one to blame but yourself. Do not blame capitalism, that is not the problem. Capitalism is literally your golden ticket out of poverty. If you want a nice house, a nice car, nice clothes, the latest greatest technology, then you have to get up off your ass and work for it. You can steal some of these things but eventually you will get caught and go to prison. If that happens you can not blame the police or the court, you committed the crimes, not them. You will also need an education. This is important; Go to School. Go to your classes. When the teacher says, “Okay class it's time to sit down, put your phones away and get out your textbooks.” Then you do that. You do what the teacher says to do. You listen to, and follow their instructions. They Are Trying To Help You, Fucking Let Them. What you shouldn't do is say “Fuck You Bitch!” If someone else says “Fuck You Bitch!” then you should tell that person to be quiet. Do not encourage that behavior with your laughter, it is not funny. That person that is being disruptive is oppressing you. They are denying you your education. Do not let them. Do not film them and post it on social medias, the 'likes and lols' you receive for your post today will be meaningless when you are trying to apply for a job and you can't complete the application because you don't know how to spell properly, or don't know the difference between there, their, and they're. Do not blame racism because you didn't get the job. Keep trying, apply elsewhere. If that company or their hiring manager was racist you didn't want to work for them anyway. Do not blame the system for failing you. The system tried to help you but you said no."
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